Sunday, December 13, 2009

Interview with ♫♥ ¢нєℓѕєα ♥ נσиαѕ ♥♫ of Polyvore

This is my most recent interview with ♫♥ ¢нєℓѕєα ♥ נσиαѕ ♥♫ we'll call her Chelsea.. Chelsea is a very talented young girl on polyvore with a sense of fashion and amazing sets and i had a great time interviewing it..
Chelsea has...
14013 set views
4361 set favorites
32 contest wins

Her is Chelsea's interview...

How long have you been on polyvore?
I have been on polyvore for 5 months almost 6 & I loove it

What have you learned/accomplish since joining?
Well since when I first started I learned on Polyvore you can only get better and better.
Who is your inspiration on Polyvore?

My inspiration would have to be Karine Minzon Wilson, I loove the way she layouts her sets & I love to try doing that, I also try to do different types of sets.

What is some of you goals in life or on polyvore?
My goal in Polyvore would have to be to get my set on the " Top Sets" page that would be amazing. Also to try to get over 10,000 faves!I'd like to try to have a VERY successful group & make an inspiration.

Do you have any favorite qoutes?
My favourite quote would have to be " Your not always going to get what you want"

Do you have any tips for us on polyvore?
Any tips? Well just try different things & be creative. Maybe the set will turn out to something AMAZING.

Thank you for choosing me for an interveiw I really appriciate it, all answers are HONEST <3 -♫♥ ¢нєℓѕєα ♥ נσиαѕ ♥♫ So be sure to visit ♫♥ ¢нєℓѕєα ♥ נσиαѕ ♥♫ Here are some of her wonderful sets and she does very lovely fashion sets :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Sorry about the wierdness of my blog at the moment trying to find a new layout!
The one i had before wouldn't allow comments!
So if you know where i can get a good working blog at anywhere but pyzam contact me on polyvore (chugga chugga shoe shoooe) or girlsense comments (trulyjamacin)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Interview with Allie_Lou of Polyvore

I have just recently had the pleasure of interviewing LaUrALOuKaiDes sister Allie Lou they are both very talented i think it's great that two sisters are able to get on polyvore and create sets and learn from each other.

Allie Lou has...
8271 set views
2314 favorites

Now her is Allie's interview..
I have been on polyvore for 19 months.

I have learned that you should always share your talent with others and i believe that polyvore is the best way to do that. You get alot of positive feedback which really boosts your confidence.

My inspiration has to be my sister Laura_Loukaides. She makes amazing sets and her feedback is amazing, she often ifluences my sets and helps me to make them better.

My goals on polyvore are to be just as popular as my sister. She recieves alot of positive comments.
In life? Well, i don't think ive thought that far foward yet!

I think my favourite quote would have to be:

'Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment'.

Ummm... i think just be open and creative and show everyone what you have to offer. And ENJOY it! x

Her is some of her very pretty sets

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You can contact me on girlsense or Polyvore also join my contest on a polyvore and girlsense forum! :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Interview with Laura Loukaides of Polyvore

Laura Loukaides is a very talented member of with 777 contacts and 6292 faves! i had recently the pleasure of interviewing her....

How long have you been on polyvore?
--- I have been on Polyvore for almost 3 years now.

What have you learned/accomplish since joining?
-- Since Joining this site I Have Discovered My talents for Design!! I Never Realised how artistic I could be when it came to colour and layout.
Also Joining this site made me realise that you can really express your feelings and emotions into your work.
I Also learnt that I cant Write Quotes which people can relate to and reflect on.

Who is your inspiration on Polyvore?
-- I Dont really have an inpiration on Polyvore, The Sets I create come from my heart. I Look Back on my day and think about different things and situations, and this way i can Display myself in my work. I Also get inspired by Music on many occasions.

What is some of you goals in life or on polyvore?
-- My Goals in Life are to be Happy and Sucessful, I Really want to live my life thinking positivly and being able to be happy in my-self and those around me. I Want My Family to always be happy, Seeing everyone laugh makes me happy !!
Polyvore is just another part of my life where i go to make a display, I write quotes depending on my feelings at the time and I Love to see feedback on my work. My Goal on Polyvore is to just be Liked, I always want people to say "Well done" when they see my sets.

Do you have any favorite qoutes?
-- Well I do write my own but i think that one of my favourite quotes is "The Only Way to Have A Friend Is to be One" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
But I think that all people need to remember is To Be Proud of who you are. !!

Do you have any tips for us on polyvore?
-- My Only tips would be to have fun with your artistic side.

Enjoy Forever - Laura Loukaides xx

Here is some of Laura very talented sets...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know...i know............

Yes i haven't posted in a while i'm such a lazy butt!! Anywho i was just going to say that girlsense did much much better in choosing some decent tiques in the Halloween contest... Some of them didn't really fit it to Halloween but most of them did and were fairly decent!! CONGRATS TO GS!!!

Also i won my first contest in the Fast Contest group on polyvore by pugzy i got 3rd place...

It was this following set in the Te-te-techno contest.......
:)The Beatles(:

Ya and today i just won another contest (i'm starting to think i'm getting the hang of polyvore) it was in Show me Polyvore contest in the Enter Anything group i got 7th place........

Ya that's what's been up with me on those sites...
Today i looked like such a dork i wish i had photos i had pajamas with a robe and i had this green stuff on my face i looked sick and i had my hair up messily in curler YEP and i went to church like that (don't worry it was a party) Bwahahaha that's whats happening in MEH HOOD!!! :)

I ♥ U follow and comment please!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dissapointed in GS

I am just now posting on the Back to School contest i know i know i'm a little kinda a lot behind............

Well the winners of the contest weren't so great out of the 15,000,000 users on girlsense and the 15,000 that were actually counted for the contest you think their would've been some decent outfits in there!
But NO the top twenty and the winners were badly but together and most of them didn't even have shoes XD
At least first place had a little shading and matched!! :D

Congrats to katy for winning project girlsense and to mall on getting 2nd which is still a pretty high honor and everyones entrys were beutiful i can't wait till' next season i hope to be in it!!
Check out for more info!! ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Team ElloAmerica!!

OK i was on the gs forum and i saw this thing about account sharing and i thought it was a great idea!!! SOOOO... i made a tique called ElloAmerica and told the first ten people that ask to be members can!!! So far it's going great and we have some very good designers on are team!! I'm just hoping we can keep at it unlike the person i got the idea from let hers go and just gave everyone the password but, no one uses it!!I thought it was great idea cause it will have designs from different people with differnt syles and skills and also it will display clothing from everywhere!!!

I am reserving this spot for a pic of are finalized tique!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So i was so ever wondering how they do this shading thing which makes everything look so ever realistic like it has wrinkles here is what i mean

see the it? well i found out all you have to do it get the splatter the green or teal one turn witch ever color you choose and change the shading using opacity but, most of the time just black with out using opacity works the best!!

there you have it hope it help when making those great fashions!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

So close!! CONGRATS!!!!! =D

Hey it's been awhile! Anyways what's about with girlsense...
Congrats to the winners and top twenty contestants in the spring contest ya'll tiques were beautiful; and creative!! I made it to the top twenty now remeber i'm trulyjamacin!!YA!! but i didn't win, sadly. But there is always next time!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

ello America!! <333

Ello America!! How it going bloggers? As you can notice i changed the name of my blog

Anyways what's new with girlsense:
now on Girlsense there is outfits a great way to let out your inner stylist!

And a new contest on Girlsense the spring tique contest if you haven't entered might want to look into that for a chance to win a ipod!! "OH-NO IPOD =? " "YES an IPOD!!!"

here is some GREAT loking spring tique's......

THere is mine trulyjamacin: it is a japanese spring tique....

THere is A0000000000 Spring Cartoon Fairy tique....

THere is thelondonlook spring runway.......

And last of all her is my little sisters spring tique that i promised her i would the way her name is ripped2torn it used to be mine but, not anymore!!

That's all for today America remember to comment and follow this Blog =D

tip of day: keep ur tique organized!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

girlsense tips!!

hi there! Are you a member of Girlsense but don't know how to start off and have no idea how anything works or do you just need some tips and ideas? Well you came to the right place..... i will give you all the info you need to know, i will also answer any questions!!

here are some great member tique's you should try visiting!! =D





visit these tique's and you can't go wrong!!

p.s. to get your tique on this list note me i will gladly check out your tique!!

tip of the week~sell clothes for more than you buy them.