Saturday, April 25, 2009

ello America!! <333

Ello America!! How it going bloggers? As you can notice i changed the name of my blog

Anyways what's new with girlsense:
now on Girlsense there is outfits a great way to let out your inner stylist!

And a new contest on Girlsense the spring tique contest if you haven't entered might want to look into that for a chance to win a ipod!! "OH-NO IPOD =? " "YES an IPOD!!!"

here is some GREAT loking spring tique's......

THere is mine trulyjamacin: it is a japanese spring tique....

THere is A0000000000 Spring Cartoon Fairy tique....

THere is thelondonlook spring runway.......

And last of all her is my little sisters spring tique that i promised her i would the way her name is ripped2torn it used to be mine but, not anymore!!

That's all for today America remember to comment and follow this Blog =D

tip of day: keep ur tique organized!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

girlsense tips!!

hi there! Are you a member of Girlsense but don't know how to start off and have no idea how anything works or do you just need some tips and ideas? Well you came to the right place..... i will give you all the info you need to know, i will also answer any questions!!

here are some great member tique's you should try visiting!! =D





visit these tique's and you can't go wrong!!

p.s. to get your tique on this list note me i will gladly check out your tique!!

tip of the week~sell clothes for more than you buy them.