Thursday, April 15, 2010

Interview with Eco-Chic

This earth friendly chic is a polyvore role model to a ton...with her inspiring sets on recycling and other important matters she teachs us green is cool! :) She is a all around lovely polyvorian just like her sets which are btw adorable. This gal has a tip to teach us all!


Eco-Chic has
17495 set favorites

52434 set views

105 or 6 contest wins (i had to count them ;)
Now for the was my pleasure!

Me: How long have you been on polyvore?

Eco:I have been on polyvore for two years now. My friend and I were actually in Math class searching for picture for our project, and we came across this website.
Me:What have you learned/accomplish since joining?

Eco:I have learned to be original. Many people on here can always use the same image, and textures on their set, but you have to always make yours different in your very own and special way. You can always add different images and have a different style of creating sets. Being original isn't easy either. You try your best to be creative and find new ideas.

Me:What/Who is your inspiration?

Eco:Well all my friends or contacts on here are my inspirations. Everyone has their own and different way of doing and creating sets, and I try to make mine different and unique too. -"I don't want to be inspired, I want to be the inspiration."

Me:What is some of you goals in life or on polyvore?

Eco:One of my goals on here is to be noticed. I want people to understand the meaning of life, and "Live as you will die tomorrow, dream as if you will live forever." Also I would like people to help the Environment and care for our Earth, people need to understand what it will be like when the Earth isn't cared for anymore. Have you guys seen Wall-E, the movie? That might actually happen some time, yes in a long time, but it will still happen one day.

Me:Do you have any favorite qoutes?

Eco:Let's see,... I have indeed many quotes. Here are some: "Why blend in, when you were born to stand out?" Also this one is very meaningful to me: "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Here is one other quote: "I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." That last quote amazes me. We need to learn to not want to please everybody and mainly think to ourself, does this please me?

Me:Do you have any tips for us on polyvore?

Eco:Well always be yourself on polyvore, and keep making unique and creative sets! Don't let others bring you down either, there may be criticism out there, but all that maters is what you think of yourself and what you do.

Me:Thanks for doing this!

Eco:Your welcome, it was my pleasure :D


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