Thursday, June 25, 2009

Team ElloAmerica!!

OK i was on the gs forum and i saw this thing about account sharing and i thought it was a great idea!!! SOOOO... i made a tique called ElloAmerica and told the first ten people that ask to be members can!!! So far it's going great and we have some very good designers on are team!! I'm just hoping we can keep at it unlike the person i got the idea from let hers go and just gave everyone the password but, no one uses it!!I thought it was great idea cause it will have designs from different people with differnt syles and skills and also it will display clothing from everywhere!!!

I am reserving this spot for a pic of are finalized tique!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So i was so ever wondering how they do this shading thing which makes everything look so ever realistic like it has wrinkles here is what i mean

see the it? well i found out all you have to do it get the splatter the green or teal one turn witch ever color you choose and change the shading using opacity but, most of the time just black with out using opacity works the best!!

there you have it hope it help when making those great fashions!!