Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dissapointed in GS

I am just now posting on the Back to School contest i know i know i'm a little kinda a lot behind............

Well the winners of the contest weren't so great out of the 15,000,000 users on girlsense and the 15,000 that were actually counted for the contest you think their would've been some decent outfits in there!
But NO the top twenty and the winners were badly but together and most of them didn't even have shoes XD
At least first place had a little shading and matched!! :D

Congrats to katy for winning project girlsense and to mall on getting 2nd which is still a pretty high honor and everyones entrys were beutiful i can't wait till' next season i hope to be in it!!
Check out for more info!! ;)