Saturday, April 25, 2009

ello America!! <333

Ello America!! How it going bloggers? As you can notice i changed the name of my blog

Anyways what's new with girlsense:
now on Girlsense there is outfits a great way to let out your inner stylist!

And a new contest on Girlsense the spring tique contest if you haven't entered might want to look into that for a chance to win a ipod!! "OH-NO IPOD =? " "YES an IPOD!!!"

here is some GREAT loking spring tique's......

THere is mine trulyjamacin: it is a japanese spring tique....

THere is A0000000000 Spring Cartoon Fairy tique....

THere is thelondonlook spring runway.......

And last of all her is my little sisters spring tique that i promised her i would the way her name is ripped2torn it used to be mine but, not anymore!!

That's all for today America remember to comment and follow this Blog =D

tip of day: keep ur tique organized!!

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  1. lol I came here to follow and I already am! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'll be sure to check out ur mom and u on GS! =D