Saturday, October 31, 2009

Interview with Laura Loukaides of Polyvore

Laura Loukaides is a very talented member of with 777 contacts and 6292 faves! i had recently the pleasure of interviewing her....

How long have you been on polyvore?
--- I have been on Polyvore for almost 3 years now.

What have you learned/accomplish since joining?
-- Since Joining this site I Have Discovered My talents for Design!! I Never Realised how artistic I could be when it came to colour and layout.
Also Joining this site made me realise that you can really express your feelings and emotions into your work.
I Also learnt that I cant Write Quotes which people can relate to and reflect on.

Who is your inspiration on Polyvore?
-- I Dont really have an inpiration on Polyvore, The Sets I create come from my heart. I Look Back on my day and think about different things and situations, and this way i can Display myself in my work. I Also get inspired by Music on many occasions.

What is some of you goals in life or on polyvore?
-- My Goals in Life are to be Happy and Sucessful, I Really want to live my life thinking positivly and being able to be happy in my-self and those around me. I Want My Family to always be happy, Seeing everyone laugh makes me happy !!
Polyvore is just another part of my life where i go to make a display, I write quotes depending on my feelings at the time and I Love to see feedback on my work. My Goal on Polyvore is to just be Liked, I always want people to say "Well done" when they see my sets.

Do you have any favorite qoutes?
-- Well I do write my own but i think that one of my favourite quotes is "The Only Way to Have A Friend Is to be One" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
But I think that all people need to remember is To Be Proud of who you are. !!

Do you have any tips for us on polyvore?
-- My Only tips would be to have fun with your artistic side.

Enjoy Forever - Laura Loukaides xx

Here is some of Laura very talented sets...

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