Monday, November 23, 2009

Interview with Allie_Lou of Polyvore

I have just recently had the pleasure of interviewing LaUrALOuKaiDes sister Allie Lou they are both very talented i think it's great that two sisters are able to get on polyvore and create sets and learn from each other.

Allie Lou has...
8271 set views
2314 favorites

Now her is Allie's interview..
I have been on polyvore for 19 months.

I have learned that you should always share your talent with others and i believe that polyvore is the best way to do that. You get alot of positive feedback which really boosts your confidence.

My inspiration has to be my sister Laura_Loukaides. She makes amazing sets and her feedback is amazing, she often ifluences my sets and helps me to make them better.

My goals on polyvore are to be just as popular as my sister. She recieves alot of positive comments.
In life? Well, i don't think ive thought that far foward yet!

I think my favourite quote would have to be:

'Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment'.

Ummm... i think just be open and creative and show everyone what you have to offer. And ENJOY it! x

Her is some of her very pretty sets

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