Sunday, December 13, 2009

Interview with ♫♥ ¢нєℓѕєα ♥ נσиαѕ ♥♫ of Polyvore

This is my most recent interview with ♫♥ ¢нєℓѕєα ♥ נσиαѕ ♥♫ we'll call her Chelsea.. Chelsea is a very talented young girl on polyvore with a sense of fashion and amazing sets and i had a great time interviewing it..
Chelsea has...
14013 set views
4361 set favorites
32 contest wins

Her is Chelsea's interview...

How long have you been on polyvore?
I have been on polyvore for 5 months almost 6 & I loove it

What have you learned/accomplish since joining?
Well since when I first started I learned on Polyvore you can only get better and better.
Who is your inspiration on Polyvore?

My inspiration would have to be Karine Minzon Wilson, I loove the way she layouts her sets & I love to try doing that, I also try to do different types of sets.

What is some of you goals in life or on polyvore?
My goal in Polyvore would have to be to get my set on the " Top Sets" page that would be amazing. Also to try to get over 10,000 faves!I'd like to try to have a VERY successful group & make an inspiration.

Do you have any favorite qoutes?
My favourite quote would have to be " Your not always going to get what you want"

Do you have any tips for us on polyvore?
Any tips? Well just try different things & be creative. Maybe the set will turn out to something AMAZING.

Thank you for choosing me for an interveiw I really appriciate it, all answers are HONEST <3 -♫♥ ¢нєℓѕєα ♥ נσиαѕ ♥♫ So be sure to visit ♫♥ ¢нєℓѕєα ♥ נσиαѕ ♥♫ Here are some of her wonderful sets and she does very lovely fashion sets :)

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  1. wow this is so cool! i'm gonna check her out on polyvore!